Artifacts II (Armor of Light Quest #2)

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You bought us some time, but we gotta pick up the pace. Work on an accelerated timeline. I need you to get as many Motes as you can.

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Route 'em straight to me. I'll explain everything later. We got Motes—those'll keep the defenses runnin' for a while.

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But, we're gonna need fuel and we're gonna need food. Lots of food. We got everything we need, kid.

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Uh… If you wanna bring it all up to the Derelict, I… maybe… left a message for you up there. You heard the tape?

Artifacts: Armor of Light Quest

Ah, damn. I didn't expect you to just go DO it. Listen, kid, I got the jitters about this. Come see me before you go lookin' for the rest of those stupid tapes.

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Drifter has left a series of personal messages for you in the EDZ. Naturally, he won't tell you where you can find them…. Contact FromEdward. Comment on this article Comments on this article are now closed. Thanks for taking part!

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    Last edited by meme; at AM. The one I got doesn't have that exact quest. Like the quest name and all is the same, but it doesn't show up in on my altar's quest window as completed or even accepted. And it says that i don't have the caladbolg altar When i kind of do have it. With like 11 skeletons with 2 assassins guarding it lol. Last edited by kamird; at PM. You need legion titan to begin it's quests.

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    Even with the quest ID, you need Legion titan. Getting legion titan is easy, get 4 Mill gold and load up Dage's birthday and buy the Legend essence. Get Legion tokens and do the merge glitch. Once you have legion titan and spent 4 Mill and , Sell the essence of the undead legend for , Last edited by sgwerg; at PM.

    Sell the essence of the undead legend for , no, I have Titan in my inventory, together with 23k LT's, i mean it's a different quest than the one from my Altar, with that ID and my altar i can have 2 quests at the same time. It's a different quest ID completely. Pls edit quotes if they're so long.. Follow MPGH.

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    Remember Me? Thread: Quest ID Updated Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Quest ID Updated Reason: code tags. Originally Posted by lolhard. I got a Caladbolg altar from treasure chest today and a fallen angel armor piece, lucky me i s'pose , and i would like to know it's quest ID, because the ID is for a different version of caladbolg altar