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They may as well hold some hope, they were together with them before ending up here after all. The heavy breathing of the other child- Frisk, may or may not have given that away. Their throat was tight, making their voice sound small. Another soft, yet relieved sigh was heard. Hearing the voice speak again, they had definitely recognized it now. It was them, it was Chara, they felt happiness and relief wash over them.


They were here! But, Frisk was still unable to see them. That fact alone put a damper on their mood pretty quickly. They so badly wanted to see their partner right now, but hearing their voice would have to do. They chuckled to themselves, wiping their tears away, causing the other to grumble bitterly in response. They were feeling better than before, but still anxious. The dark of the place only adding to it.

Instead of staring into nothing, they decided to just keep their eyes closed for now. Chara ran their thin pale fingers across their head, letting their hand fall plainly throw their hair. They sucked in a breath and opened up their mouth. They just needed to explain, no need to get serious about it. I woke up in a place juuust like this one. So here was before I went all ghost.

Cluttered Thoughts Of An Anxious Mind

Frisk couldn't understand why they sounded so nonchalant about the whole thing. They screamed to the nothingness, Chara covered their ears. They didn't even know the child could be so loud. Another loud voice had echoed throughout the void, it was a yelp. A yelp that belonged to neither of them, Chara stared wide-eyed at the now brighter room, the light coming from a hole.

A very familiar hole, it was above the both of them yet not at the same time. A soft voice had croaked, it sounded as if they had just woken up from a deep sleep. They slid the hand off of their face, lighting up the void once again, giving an opportunity for Chara to have a look around. Still the same empty space, except brighter. There were also two holes in some direction, it was hard to tell what was what, but it seemed close.

The holes were shaped like mock eyes, familiar sights with an unfamiliar body being shown through it. The body had now sat up, their clothes and arms being shown, along with the golden flowers beneath them, they didn't move, just sat still there. Chara squinted at the visuals skeptically.

Who was that?

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And why were they here and not Out there. They sighed in frustration, passing a hand through their hand, and began to walk.

It was lighter here, they could tell that much. And since it was brighter, maybe searching for them won't be completely pointless? While walking, Chara noticed that the scenery around them wouldn't change. Not even the view of the eye-shaped holes didn't get any farther or closer.

They were beginning to think that they were getting nowhere, that they'd be trapped in that one spot the entire time- but then they saw a small child's silhouette. Upon saying this, both Frisk's and the unknown child's head shot up. Frisk looked around themselves until they spotted Chara, looking ecstatic. The kid in the Other hand They shook their head around, their breath shallow and quick. When they saw that they couldn't see anyone, they looked down at their lap again, their hands rubbing at their thighs, pulling at the fabric of their shorts.

They were shaking. They didn't know where these voices were coming from, maybe it was the wind? But they could barely feel it They let out a shaky breath, attempting to calm themselves down for the time being. Frisk jumped up, running to envelope Chara in a hug.

Causes of Mental Clutter and Ways to Defeat Brain Fog

While doing so, their eyes had widened, both half expecting to go through each other. But that hadn't happened. They were hugging, Chara wasn't ghost-like. Or maybe Frisk just wasn't human like anymore. Whatever it was, maybe it wasn't so bad? It was a stupid thought they both had, but at the moment they didn't care. Oh, for a split second they forgot about that kid, didn't they? They both looked through the child's eyes, watching as they took a handful of golden flowers. They were now on their feet, ready to fight. Not knowing where all these sounds were coming from, the child dug their feet into the ground, holding back their fear.

There were people here, they could hear them! So, where were they? One of the voices snickered at the child's defense.

How Cluttered Thoughts Lead To A Cluttered Environment

They gripped the flowers harder, teeth chattering rapidly. They looked around themselves again, there was truly nobody there. If there was no one there then- where were the voices coming from? Wait, thought. Their head, perhaps?

20 Minute Guided Meditation for Reducing Anxiety and Stress--Clear the Clutter to Calm Down

The thought scared them, having others invade their personal space like that. The students then rated themselves on current psychological symptoms such as repeated, disturbing memories or images. In general, those young adults with more trauma-related symptoms indeed engaged in more rumination. However, they could counteract the negative effect of rumination by accepting their disturbing thoughts and then letting them float away, while at the same time focusing their mental energy on their current experiences.

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This strategy, known as mindfulness, may very well be your best mental housecleaning tool. When you get home from a frustrating day at work, the mindfulness approach would suggest that you concentrate on your household tasks.

Focus on making nice flat folds as you put your laundry away. Then you can go back to the task at hand with your mind free to attend to that task, and not the white bear in your head. Mindfulness is a broad concept with many applications to mental and physical health. Being aware of your thoughts and experiences can combine with neutralizing the negative ones to take their emotional impact away. You can clean out the clutter and, in the process, free your midlife mind for attending to the things that really matter. US Edition U.

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Suggestions for Clearing Away Those Pesky Brain-Drainers

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