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Matsumoto is awfully coy on the subject. When we first meet Tachibana, his only friend is Ganz, the kindly old school caretaker, who has seen other kids who have seen the things Tachibana has seen in the past. It may not be immediately apparent from the art and certainly not from the storytelling or subject matter , but Matsumoto is the creator of Tekkon Kinkreet , and it says something about his considerable talents that GoGo Monster seems to be the work of an entirely different person.

His work is quite representational—to a point. Or maybe that was just me.

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This book is what a great graphic novel should be—irreducible. Each and every bit of it serves the work as a whole, creates a world, evokes a mood, tells a story, proposes ideas, stokes feelings.

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There's also a photo there of the cover I was actually talking about, the one on the book itself rather than the slipcover—the copy I read came from a library, so it was sans slipcover. Posted by Caleb at PM. Labels: awesomeness , manga , taiyo matsumoto. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me Caleb J. Caleb Mozzocco is a freelance writer and extremely amateur -ish artist who lives and works in Ohio.

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Reseña del Manga: GoGo Monster (Taiyô Matsumoto)

Speaking of Marvel Makoto, a third grader, is the most even-keeled of the three and spends most of his time alternating between interest in and alienation from his bizarre classmate Yuki. IQ and Yuki are explicitly shunned by their classmates, while Makoto hangs on to some degree of social relevance despite concerns about his curiosity toward and friendship with Yuki. In any case, Gogo Monster is a thought-provoking work—and that alone is enough to recommend it.

The art that I earlier found so distracting, nearly prompting me to set the book aside, ended up being a high point of my experience of the book.

His linework, shaky and abrupt, initially led me to believe the artist underdeveloped or incompetent. Still, after forty pages or so, I revised my opinion entirely. The page layouts and visual choices propel the work and support the story ably—and even his staggering, drunken line begins to inform the story by creating a particular world through aesthetic revelation.

GoGo Monster

The book is challenging but, I think, rewards the patient and persistent reader. Despite what may or may not! And that is never a bad thing. There are a buttload of drawings of jumbo jets flying overhead. Good Ok Bad features reviews of comics, graphic novels, manga, et cetera using a rare and auspicious three-star rating system.

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