Gone Too Far: Troubleshooters 6: Troubleshooters 6

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Gone too Far was a thrilling ride! From Amazon What is a Navy Seal to do when he arrives at his estranged wife's Mary Lou home only to find her shot to death in the kitchen and his infant daughter missing?

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I really enjoyed this, my first Brockman novel, I thought the characters were endearing, smart and the story definately left me wanting more. So, if you like romance, suspense, military themed, suspense novels, this is the read for you.

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I'm trying to read them in order. I enjoyed this one as much as book 4 Out of Control. I was so rooting for Alyssa and Sam to finally get it together. When I read alittle about this book, I though, "Ewww. But, I did! I am glad Mary Lou got her happy ending, too.

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I feel a story about Whitney perhaps in the future???? I really like Jules, too! What a nice guy. From Amazon I waited and waited Sam and Alyssa are truly hot! The story is simply amazing. I couldn't put it down.

Read it and you wont be disappointed. I actually bought this book hardcover, could barely afford it! Brockman treated this couple I think I threw it away. It felt so obvious the author was consciously trying to turn Mary Lou into a likable character, when in reality I didnt need her to hang around.

I didnt read the book for ANY of this, esp. Meanwhile, Alyssa felt like a different person! When she admitted she would have slept with Max if given the chance while Sam was written as pining away for her I just got tired of Ms.

Gone Too Far: Troubleshooters 6

Brokman's habit in previous books as well of trying to make the male lead into a wuss while the female lead has the harder qualities. I love when a man shows vulnerability, but it always felt SO one-sided here. I had to keep reminding myself of their history because it was such a total letdown, havnt picked up another of her books since, and this was years ago.

The good thing is I no longer read these kinds of books, bec. Im sure Id still be getting letdown. Thank you Jesus. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Make sure to accept our cookies in order to get the best experience out of this website.

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Gone Too Far (Troubleshooters, Book 6) - AbeBooks - Suzanne Brockmann:

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Gone Too Far: Troubleshooters 6

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