Hex (Cursed Trilogy: Book 2) (The Cursed Trilogy)

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I could lose my heart too. Tying to escape her past, Ari is working to atone for her actions and have a normal human life. The only problem with that? She isn't human. Unlike most werewolves, she avoids as much contact with the supernatural world as possible, building a life for herself in the human world. Until one day her past catches up with her, and she is forced to immerse herself in the supernatural world. Offered protection from the local wolf pack, she is forced to accept it, but nothing in the supernatural world comes for free. Sophie has done her best to avoid the magical world for fear of the havoc her abnormal ability wreaks on other supernaturals.

As a silencer who mutes the powers of those around her, she's spent her life among the mortals her defect can't harm. But when Mother Nature pushes her from her home to do her bidding, Sophie has no choice but to venture to the magical town of Twin Rivers. It was like he had stepped straight out of my dream.

He was even wearing the same clothes. I stood rooted to the spot as he walked right past me without even glancing my way. Susannah has a prophetic dream about a guy she has never met. She later sees him at school and learns that he is a new student. He awakens a power in her that she never knew she possessed. So apparently my mom was a witch. And not just a witch, but a witch who turned bad. My poor, sweet, normal dad wanted me to have a good college experience. Instead I get a magical offer I literally can't refuse, from the world's most elite school for warlocks.

As in guy witches.

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Even though I definitely have lady parts, somehow I ended up at a warlock school to learn the gentlemanly arts which are a lot more badass than, ahem, lady magic. Psychologist Ophelia Banner finds herself pondering that very question when her life changes drastically after a chance encounter with a golden-eyed stranger. Her new reality is not for the faint-hearted. Thrust straight into a conflict between gods and monsters that has raged for a millennia, she must face the fact that her gift will become the bond that puts a stop to the endless war, or the weapon that may annihilate the conduit world and humanity as we know it.

Living in exile since birth, Violet Sinclaire should never have been born. She is a half-blood descendent of royalty, and her existence was forbidden by the ancient immortals long ago. Now, the royals want her dead. First, she must choose her warriors, for they are her shields in battle; the armor that will keep her safe from the royal assassins. Determined that a half-breed will never own the throne, the royals have called for her blood.

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New town, new school. Same story. I'm Laura, I've spent most of my life crisscrossing the county yielding to the whims of my transient mother. We've never stayed in one place long enough to call it home, and I don't have any hope of that changing. I follow the rules; no drawing attention to myself, no friends, and especially, no boys. Welcome to Cedar Falls Especially when someone is killing the local coven.

Cedar Falls seems to have no shortage of hot men. With so many stunning men, why choose just one?

Sorry, Chief. Welcome to the Nightworld Academy, attended by vampires, shifters, and witches. A place filled with harmony and mutual respect between the supernatural races. I'm told my curse is a gift. A valuable one that could cost me my life I thought I had the academy figured out: the mean girl, the quirky friend, the nerd, the emo, and the jock.

Much more. One of us will die, and I know who. My name is Vinna, and I've been keeping a lot of secrets. You would too if you'd experienced some of the weird shit I have: red-eyed monsters chasing me, markings on my body appearing out of nowhere, a strange power that crackles colorfully over my skin from time to time, and don't get me started on the weapons I can conjure up almost out of nowhere. Life in Devil's Gate is hell on earth. With no Regent to maintain order between the species, humans live in fear of what lurks in the shadows while the vampires, wolves, and fae that inhabit Devil's Gate battle for territory and power.

And year-old Estelle Cotillard is caught up in the middle. Harboring a dark secret, Estelle tries to stay out of trouble, but when vampire Gage Coreil starts showing up insisting she needs protection, she has to decide: stay in the shadows or become who she was always supposed to be. I thought I was ordinary Rory Franco: college student, artist, and over-protected daughter.

My name is Silver Spell Solange. No, I didn't plan for my initials to be the same rank needed to enter the spy academy. But I would do anything to get into the one of a kind school.

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I have the magical capability of an Elemental Witch, the strength to kick anyone's ass, and quick problem-solving skills to get my teammates out of any jam. Born with a rare blood disorder that means she cannot go out in daylight, Accacia has learned to live in the dark, even if it has been incredibly lonely.

Determined to find a cure that will finally allow her to walk in the sun, Accacia has spent her days and nights holed up in her laboratory doing just that. After a freak encounter with a tall, dark, and ridiculously handsome stranger, Accacia might just have found her cure, but not in the way she expected. Drawn into a parallel world of paranormal creatures and a Queen who wants her dead, Accacia has to put her trust in three vampires who, seemingly, want to devour her in more ways than one.

Accacia's Curse is book one of Accacia's trilogy and part of the Sisters of Hex series, reverse harem books and for listeners 18 years of age and older. Five sisters, five clans, and a curse. Accacia's trilogy is complete and follows Accacia and her vampire suitors: Rhain, Ezra, and Devin. Accacia has never been able to be out in the sun, but when she meets three mysterious men with the same affliction, answers might finally be close.

Audio Review: This was a new author to me, although I have listened to a couple of books narrated by Megan Green previously. Paranormal is not a genre I often read or listened to. Accacia suffers from a rare genetic disorder which has forced her to live her life in darkness. However when she meets Rhain, Ezra, and Devin, her life is changed.

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If you like your books to contain Vampires, Wolves and Witches then this may well be the book and series for you. The author blends the traditional mythology of vampires with a new take on them beautifully. The story drags you in and makes you not want to stop until the book in done, then leaves you awaiting the next book. This book was given to me at my request. I am providing a voluntary review: Thank you Audiobook Obsession. OMG, I wanted to shake Accacia Or I will!

But this was an amazing book. The narration was also excellent! Definitely a different take on the whole vamp thing.

Accacia: The complete reverse harem trilogy (Sisters of Hex Box Set Book 1)

I would most definitely recommend this book! I received this book for free for a honest review. The author did a fabulous job of bringing the story line together and keeping my interest. To be a person in the world we live and see a portal and know about mythicals like vampires and find out they are on a different plane. WOW interesting plot I cant wait to read the rest of the series. I love the whole world that Bea created and am fascinated by the sisters.

This one follows Accacia and her vampire men; Devon, Rhain, and Ezra. I loved watching how they came together and really feel for the characters, especially Ezra right now! This is a refreshingly different vampire story and I am very excited about the series. I can't wait to read the next two as well as the trilogies for the other 4 sisters. This is shaping up to be a unique, interesting, and exciting adventure! It took quite a while to adjust to Megan Green's narration, i'm honestly not sure I fully came around to it.

It took me out of the story a bit but it wasn't enough that I would stop listening or prevent me from listening to the next two. An intriguing story just wish Megan Green would just read and not try to deepen her voice for the male voices. But the story as a whole has captured my attention.

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This was my first time listening to Megan Green, something about her voice took me a long time to get used to and kept pulling me slightly out of the story. Not enough to stop listening, more a little niggle. The story itself is great. I love the fact that although Accacia doesn't know what she is she has suffered the downside of it her whole life.

Brilliant idea.