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Two glacial lakes, just like mountain eyes situated in the middle of what appears to look like a huge natural amphitheater. After picking wild berries comes a pleasant swim in the Black Lake. This glacial lake is situated at an altitude of 1. It got its name after a moss at the bottom, which gives that dark, black appearance.

During hot summer days temperature of the lake is refreshing, but comfortable. When tourists come to the Black Lake they are speechless because of landscape and they are surprised there are no people. Last summer, one family from Israel told me if this was anywhere else in Europe it would be busy.

Give Me This Mountain (Caleb's Song)

See it and feel it in peace and tranquility. From Black Lake you can see one part of Great Lake. While descending towards it you will have a wider perspective, and in on point see it completely in its size and beauty. The Great Lake is twice the length of the first lake. Perfect spot for stargazing and to enjoy in sunset and sunrise.

Treskavica is the richest Bosnian mountain when it comes to water.

The Summer Escape – Wild Berries and Lakes

It is said it has springs, one for every day in a year. While walking in the winter you will enjoy in the calming melody of many babbling creeks on your way to the lakes. The path is stunning for those who like winter in the forest and panoramic views of frozen lakes and surrounding peaks.

The snow is glistening around you and crunching under your feet. Just like a fairytale! The best way to enjoy in the beauty of the winter season in the mountains is with snowshoes.

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It will speed up your hike, help you to move easier through the snow and enable you to enjoy more in the mountains during short days. I fell in love with snowshoeing from the first attempt. It has an amazing view of the Siljevice cliffs. The hut is comfy, newly built and you will be welcomed by a very friendly host Milovan and his furry friend Cui. For a great and fulfilling weekend getaway on Treskavica, I would recommend to hike to the hut, stay overnight and enjoy in the homemade cuisine and stunning view.

In the morning after the breakfast go for a hike to the lakes and get your batteries charged up by the sun and scenic landscape. As all mountaineers know each mountain has its peculiar character and you need to understand it and respect it. But, Treskavica has something else that makes her more unpredictable and dangerous and because of what you need to be extra careful — landmines! Unfortunately, during the last war in Bosnia and Herzegovina landmines were placed all over Treskavica.

Today, older and well-experienced mountaineers and foresters, who know this area very good and which parts of Treskavica are risky of landmines, managed to build and mark safe paths for hikers. One of those trails is the trail that goes from Turovi settlement in the foothills of the mountain, beside two mountain huts to the Great Lake and Black Lake.

This is a very good marked path, but for the first time is best to go with someone who has been here before. Some of my friends say this is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bosnia and for others, this was their favorite escape in nature almost every weekend before the war. It was among the most beautiful and biggest huts in Bosnia, from the 60s till 90s when was on the beginning of the war burned and totally destroyed.

Mountain Adaptation Outlook Series – Synthesis Report | GRID-Arendal

Three years ago, numerous trees were cut down, machines stood beside the road and sections that are passing beside the gravel road were awfully muddy. But, Treskavica is holding bravely and these areas are recovering quickly. Still very beautiful and wild! God will destroy this shroud, in other words destroying death.

This Mountain Life

We struggle while on this earth. Death is dead, sorrows are gone, tears flow no more, God has kept His promise. We are now in His presence! We will rejoice in Him! Think about the moment when you can stand before God and experience the full benefits of your salvation! Illustration: Have you ever been a bit sad in a moment of tremendous joy because you know that the great moment will have to end. Perhaps that feeling that you have on the last day of vacation.

The feast on the mountain will be different! This is a joy that will never go away! The people of Judah would have been encouraged when they heard this, and so should you if your hope is in the Lord. This is the banquet of true salvation. All the guests are happy, and nothing can ever make them sad again. Do you feel like this world is too much to handle? Look forward to this feast! Know that God will make all things right! As we think about how this passage can apply to you in particular and to me in particular, I want to challenge you to answer these three questions?

Will you be there? There is an invitation extended to you. Jesus is calling you. Where do you find your hope? What keeps you going?

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  • Money, job, education, relationships, weight loss? Just as Bro. Todd asked this morning. Our hope should be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ and in His promise to make all things right and to spend eternity with Him. However, for this party, you not can invite others, you should invite others. Todd challenged us this morning to think of two or three people that you could meet with for weekly discipleship, I want to challenge you to consider two or three people that you could start the discipleship process with by simply first inviting them to Jesus and to enjoy the fullness of His salvation.

    As we finish tonight, be encouraged that we have reason to celebrate now, and we will one day celebrate in a monumental way at the feast on the mountain. You may use this time to pray either where you stand or here at the altar, however the Lord is leading you. Thank you all for coming tonight. If you need to speak to a minister, there are several of us here and we would love to speak to you. You can find us in and around this room. The author intends to provide free resources in order to inspire believers and to assist preachers and teachers in Kingdom work.

    Your email address will not be published. Search for:. The passage tonight is taken from Isaiah Stand with me now as I read it. Read Isaiah 6 On this mountain the Lord of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wine, of rich food full of marrow, of aged wine well refined. The feast on the mountain will be an epic event verse 6 This party that God is preparing will be epic! Also, we see that there will be tons of food and drink!

    Paul speaks this way of God in Ephesians chapter 3. God will prepare the most epic party ever for His people! The feast on the mountain will be a wide-ranged homecoming verses We also see that this feast is a homecoming of sorts. Well, if the feast is open to all, how do we get a reservation or a ticket? It is through Jesus alone!

    This feast is open to anyone and everyone, but there is only one way to reserve your spot! So, this feast is a wide-ranged homecoming, open to all. What a feast that will be! The feast on the mountain will be a glorious celebration verses At this feast, the people of God will not only experience the blessing of God but will also celebrate the faithfulness of God.

    Verse 8 says explicitly that God will swallow up death forever.