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I read the series about Dayne and Katy but quickly tired of the whole "star" thing. I started the first Bailey Flanigan book but stopped less than halfway through and didn't read any of the others.

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A girl who makes it in both Broadway and Hollywood? I want to read about normal people. People with the same struggles as me. Coming Home broke my heart, but it was by far the best of Kingsbury's books since the Redemption series. With that in mind, here goes my review - and I feel like two stars would be too generous. I won't go so far as to say that I hated the book, only because I still love the original Baxter characters. What I do despise is what the author has done with them.


I think I'm also starting to despise Kingsbury's writing in general. It's so cliched and simplistic. I started seeing patterns in the writing years ago. It's as if she copies and pastes the same lines and just changes simplistic plot lines and characters' names. Dialogue is not authentic. For example, in one scene a teenaged boy asks his mom to "tell me your love story. I have two sons - that's not how teenagers talk. In another scene, one character broke up with another by quoting an Adele song.

It's all so formulaic. And then there's the whole tone. I know that most people read these books because they're classified as Christian or inspirational. But that, too, is getting old, even to someone who has followed Christ for my entire adult life. The main problem is that while the Baxters started as flawed characters who struggle with sin the beauty of the Redemption Series - like the rest of us - they overcome their sin so quickly and efficiently that they become cardboard characters.

REAL people struggle continually - they don't wrap up their sin nice and neat with a bow on top. By the time we get to this book, these characters have become so pious that the writing has the opposite effect of making me feel like a heathen. Why do I still struggle? Why isn't my family like the perfect Baxters? Readers are hit over the head with God on literally every page. The characters pray about everything - jobs, spouses, etc.

Good grief. What's being glorified here isn't Jesus - it's the Baxter family. The tone continues to build to the point that the entire book is one, big, preachy mess. The author even uses the word "liberal" in relation to a character who is alcoholic, implying that people who are politically liberal must live in sin. The character miraculously decides in a split second that he will return to God and vows never to drink another beer - as if beer is the most important lifestyle change to make when devoting your life to God.

And, of course, it's beer that leads to premarital sex, which leads to pregnancy, which ruins everyone's lives, and makes the perfect Baxter family decide never to drink again. Couldn't they just have had a moment of sexual weakness like the rest of us without throwing in Kingsbury's legalistic opinion of alcohol? And what's up with the whole scene where she claims that prayer is being attacked and all the mentions of Fox News?

If you like an author who writes legalistic yes, I said it again , judgmental, self-righteous, Trump-loving stories, then read Karen Kingsbury's recent books. As for me, after reading her earlier works and seeing how her writing has tilted so far to the extreme, I'm out. There are far better Christian authors out there - Colleen Coble, for example, Tracie Peterson, and Terri Blackstock just to name a few. Even the hardcore evangelical writers like Francine Rivers and Beverly Lewis are far stronger writers.

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View all 20 comments. Mar 25, Janet rated it it was amazing. This is the back story of John and Elizabeth Baxter, if you are a reader of the Baxter books, we have been waiting a long time for this one. I love the way Karen weaves the present with the past for this book. And we get to catch up with everyone along the way.

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Although this can be a stand alone, I always suggest you read the past books as they are like coming home and attending a family reunion. Thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read this book. View 2 comments. Feb 11, Sarah rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. I think with this book, the Baxter family series has finally jumped the shark. In an effort to bring conclusions to stories, without enough pages to do it in, implausibility arises. For example, how is it that poor Cole is 17 years old and still has not been told who his birth father was? How is it that Grandpa Baxter got drunk on 4 cans of beer?

There are NO baby bea I think with this book, the Baxter family series has finally jumped the shark. There are NO baby bears in Ann Arbor wandering by the side of a lake. My biggest complaint is that there seem to consistently be so many product placements in these books. She mentions Liberty University, where she teaches, over and over again. The movie being made is the title of one of her books. Characters with no need to have their name mentioned are given names, probably due to a donation being made. The list goes on and on.

These inconsistencies and apparent advertisements detract from the message of the book. I received this advanced reader copy via NetGalley. Mar 03, Rebekah Tooley rated it it was amazing Shelves: , favourites. I've only read a few of Karen Kingsbury's books, and never any of the Baxter series but after reading this overview of their lives I absolutely have to get my hands on her other works!!! The only reason I rated this half a star down was because of the dealing of a certain subject on pregnancy out of wedlock.

Best for older teens to read. View all 7 comments.

Stolen Child

Oct 08, Melanie Kilsby rated it liked it Shelves: audiobook-reads , christian-romance , didn-t-finish , higher-age-restriction , summer-reads , christian-contemporary-fiction. Karen Kingsbury is a well known author. She is an incredible, down to earth mom, wife and minister. I do really like how she incorporates "real life" into her books. Though, I wasn't loving it in this book. Temptation is real and yes, the issues in this book happen often, but I was so confused by the integrity of John when he was young and really lost a lot of respect for him right from the beginning.

At first, he says he wants to p Karen Kingsbury is a well known author. At first, he says he wants to protect Elizabeth. Also, he is against her parents for wanting to protect her. Then, he completely breaks that trust with her and obviously her parents, only confirming why they protected her so much. This just made me cringe on the inside.

Of course, redemption is the beautiful element of the story, I just didn't feel like it was captured enough for me to stay engaged. It simple isn't my cup of tea, sadly. A few times I have tried Kingsbury books and have come away thinking they are alright, good, capturing the fine line of fragility in people and the grace of God I feel this way again.