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Short stories and novels are my staples, mixed in with poetry, plays, and graphic novels. I also adore magazines but try to keep them to a minimum because they will overrun me She now teaches at That other book was Outline. But many will read it with the breathless exhilaration it deserves. Like Outline, Transit is a series If you wanted to find a daughter abducted by a powerful man, you might need to cover a lot of territory.

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The earth mother Demeter gave wings to young women singers willing to search, but when they failed to find the man, she left them stuck on the rocks, singing to men who would be seduced. Stacey Madden. Tell us if something is incorrect. Out of stock. Get In-Stock Alert. Delivery not available. Pickup not available.

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About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. When he meets year-old wild child Melanie Blaxley while fumigating her apartment for bed bugs, her vulgar sensuality and reckless promiscuity both attract and repulse him. Before long her world of crazy sex and petty crime starts to take its toll on Brandon's sanity, and he wonders how much more of her he can stand.

Then she disappears, and Brandon must find out if it is all just a prank, or if Melanie's wild ways finally led her into danger.

Poison Shy

A hair-raising thrill ride through the bars and backstreets of a fictional small town, this fast-paced and darkly funny debut novel explores obsession, fear, and the threat of other people. Customer Reviews.

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