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Scalped, Vol. 10: Trail's End (Scalped, #10)

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Tom King , Steve Orlando. The following bad issues will contain spoilers, I will do my best not to but who knows. Sorry about last week, I needed to take care of the baby room and get that ready. With the shattering events of the last arc, we join Dashiell taking Red Crow into jail. We cut ahead eight months later and see Nitz loving life with his victory, drowning himself in hookers and whiskey, he is on top of the world.

Maggie Rock Medicine is leading the tribe and starting a revitalization project to clean up the Reservation. Some see him as a hero, others as a traitor, but Maggie is happy to see Dashiell come back to honor his mother.


That and to make sweet love to Maggie. We learn that he has quit the F. I and is out there on his own hunting down Catcher, trying to finish the one thing that ties him to Reservation. Red Crow on the other hand is setting up for a long stay in jail, and the only thing that can save him is turning on Dashiell. The way that R. M intercuts the images of Red Crow sending Dashiell to kill Diesel, and him saying he has to protect the Reservation help to highlight his growth.

He no longer cares about himself, he is only looking out for the Reservation as a whole. I would like to think that Dashiell brought that out in him. He finally had someone who he could mold the way he wanted, as much as Shunka wanted it, he might not be the best type to take over. We do catch up Catcher who is on a rampage, cleaning the filth of the Reservation, or so he thinks. He is a man possessed and give little care for anything or anyone who is against him. Only Carol knows she did it, she never told Dashiell of the pregnancy or abortion.

What happens from this point forward, is the most intense comic action I have ever read. The closing sequence of events and the ratcheting tension and violence is unreal.

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We see that no man will ever be either good or bad, but a mixture of both. We see that while Dashiell has become a better man, he throws it away to avenge his mother.

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  • Can you blame him? This is the main thing to take away from Scalped I think. That no matter what we do in life, we have to make sure it is right for us.

    Some will turn to a blind rage and fight the world, only looking to die in a blaze of glory. Other will look at what they have made and decide to turn it around and make their surroundings better.