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Sadly it seemed that the drought was just as awful here as it was on his side of the mountain.

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Suddenly a movement caught his eye. A large, snow-white hare had emerged from behind some rocks and sat watching him. Softly the boy approached the animal. It seemed plump and well fed. Suddenly it leapt to its feet and bounded off a few paces before looking back at Nie Lang as if it wanted him to follow it. Nie Lang followed the hare for a while until it came to a narrow valley.

Hear beside a ruined temple was a luxuriant carpet of long, thick, juicy grass. The hare sat down to eat and the boy gave the animal his thanks and cut a basket full of grass. Then he set off home having memorized the way to the secret valley. Next day he returned for more grass and was amazed at what he saw. The patch of grass he had cut the previous day had miraculously grown back overnight. He refilled his basket and returned home. So it was, day after day Nie Lang trekked to the valley and cut more grass from the never-ending source.

One day Nie Lang hit upon an idea. Instead of climbing all the way up the mountain to the valley each day he would uproot some of the grass and plant it outside his house. That way the unwinding supply would be in easy reach. Congratulating himself on his cleverness he did just that.

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But as he pulled up the turf he found a jar buried beneath it. Opening the jar he found it was full of water and at the bottom was a large and beautiful pearl. He put the pearl in his pocket and set off home. Although an orphan, Straw learns that he is descended from a long line of Dragon Keepers. Years pass and, unknown to the rest, the boy is trained in the ways of a knight. One day, an army descends on the Dragon Compound, demanding a battle to the death between Star and their warrior king.

When the knights of the realm fail in a tournament to curb the intentions of the warrior king, the dragon turns to Straw. Too young and inexperienced to openly challenge the king, he confronts him in the stables and provokes him into a fight, thus preventing the disastrous duel.


Upon leaving, he secretly receives all he needs to become a wandering knight: a horse, a sword, armor, and a new name. What Star could not teach him, life on the road now must. Prema Rose Productions presents visually compelling and provocative animated and live action movies that will deepen our understanding of who we are and serve to enrich and inspire our lives.

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Screenplay in Development.

The Boy with the Dragon Tattoo

Based on a Novel by Donald Samson. About the Book. Prema Rose Productions has recently acquired the option to develop the screenplay for the Dragon Boy: part one of the Star Trilogy by: Donald Samson see more at: thedragonboy. Book Reviews. Only letters, numbers, periods and hyphens are allowed in screen names.

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