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It is great to see how they become mated.

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In true Aiken fashion, the storyline is awash in humor, sarcasm, witty rhetoric and the distinctive voice of the Cadwaladr Clan. I will never get enough of this series. I love learning about the Cadwaladr Clan. If you are looking for a Dragon series I recommend trying this one out. Aiken knows how to keep her readers entertained. See my book review here. I wish it was. Your current plan will not be extended or interrupted. Daily or Weekly Mail. I was born and raised in Northern Indiana. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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I have these in my wishlist on Audible. I love rereading a favorite series. This series sounds exciting! John Mysteries. Lets not forget the Novellas in this series.

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Their are few in audio that you can also pick up. Category: Dragon Kin , G. Victoria June 26, at pm.

Angela Angel's Guilty Pleasures June 26, at pm. You are welcome. Tanya Rantings of a Reading Addict June 26, at pm. I hope you enjoy the audiobooks! Jana Leah June 26, at am. I need to read the rest. Angela Angel's Guilty Pleasures June 26, at am. But as the competition begins, one entry may just capture Eadlyn's heart, showing her all the possibilities that lie in front of her. She spent the first few weeks of the competition counting down the days until she could send them all home. But as events at the palace force Eadlyn even further into the spotlight, she realizes that she might not be content remaining alone.

But sometimes the heart has a way of surprising you…and soon Eadlyn must make a choice that feels more impossible—and more important—than she ever imagined. The Selection - Kiera Cass. Kiera Cass - The Elite Book 2. The One Selection - Kiera Cass. Kiera Cass - The Heir Book 4. Pankaj Patil. Veronica Violet. Audiobook anyone? Airel Jacobs Jan 18, at pm. Expand text… Zanya Coreandero is a seventeen-year-old orphan with only a single friend and no hope for a normal life. Diagnosed with anxiety and night terrors, no one believes her cuts and bruises are a result of an evil entity, and not a brutal case of self-harm.

When Zanya is kidnapped, she meets a group of gifted Mayan descendants, each with a unique ability. Gone from a nameless castaway to the only hope of mankind, Zanya is forced to make a grueling decision: bond with an enchanted stone and save humanity from rising underworld forces, or watch helplessly as Earth falls victim to a familiar dark deity from her dreams.

This time, he's playing for keeps. Dropped in Moscow with a the group of enchanted Mayan descendants, seventeen-year-old Tara Weeble is forced to wait on the sideline while her best friend--the Stone Guardian— battles to reclaim a friend's soul trapped in the underworld. When she's given a chance to aid in the group's mission, Tara is eager to pull her own weight, even if it means uncovering buried memories of being held prisoner by the underworld general.

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Now haunted with flashbacks of torture, Tara wanders from the safety of Peter's arms into a city of depravity and corruption. And amidst all this evil is a young man with an agenda of his own, who leads her down a road that will either prove she is a hero at heart, or drag her into a world she's always feared. Following the discovery of her ancient Maya bloodlines, eighteen-year-old Zanya Coreandero is faced with a daunting responsibility.

She must protect the relic stone while Sarian, the underworld general, ceaselessly drives her to the brink of insanity. As the winter solstice approaches, it brings an onslaught of unexpected side effects. While Zanya struggles to seize control over her supercharged powers, she must also face an overwhelming suspicion that her boyfriend, Arwan, is hiding a secret so dark it could destroy them both.

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And with her powers finally taking root, the struggle to pace their relationship takes on a life of its own. After an ancient Mayan ceremony goes horribly wrong, Jayden is left to face reality--the girl he once loved is pledged to another. At his breaking point, he steals a cab to leave behind the group of enchanted descendants, this time for good.

When Hawa--a beautiful but lethal acquaintance--decides to call shotgun, his only choice is to take her along for the ride. He'd be glad to have the company He only knows her by occasionally sharing a hallway in Renato's huge estate in Belize. It's clear she has a perma-chip in her shoulder, and they have absolutely nothing in common. So he thinks Through the will of the heaven deities, Arwan has been chosen to bond with Zanya, the Stone Guardian, in the most sacred of Mayan rituals.

But there are some who cannot accept their bond. And when Zanya's mother, Eleuia, realizes what has happened, she makes one thing exceedingly clear--he is not, nor will he ever be, one of them.

Ellen James pinned post 3 Feb Fernanda Gomes Post. Coreene Callahan - [Dragonfury Dorina Basarab series by Karen Chance 0. Zombie's Bite by Karen Chance. Dyuti Dey. Lover's Knot and Dragon Claw is not there. Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance 0. The Queen's Witch - Karen Chance. Nance Tich. Hi there, I can't work with rar. And I can't find skin deep anywhere else, please help a girl out? Yet for them, and because I am so chivalrous, I will brave the worst this land has to offer.

So here I stand, waiting to broker an alliance with the one the Northlanders call the Beast. I know what they see when they look at me. The charming, soft-spoken dragoness bred from the most powerful of royal bloodlines. A disguise stronger than any battle shield that allows me to keep all suitors at tail's length.