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Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 9 of 9. Contact us about this article. What does it feel like to be famous? I wish I knew. Do you like to use unusual words that nobody uses? Yes, as long as readers can understand me. What was it like growing up in France? Do you have three hours? Yes, but also from friends and family. When you write, do you feel your novel becomes the real world? Yes, with angels et al Could you write a book about me?

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Start praying. But early, on Dec. He died while costar Stockard Channing was visiting him. He was the best. That was his No. Mary Louise Parker paid tribute to John Spencer after winning a Golden Globe for "Weeds": "And I'd also like to pay respect to a really great great actor who was so elegant and so wonderful and worked so hard to make it look so easy, John Spencer, this one's for you. Very sweet. You can listen to the show here. His tribute is at the end. From the Burlington Free Press : ""Wow! Spencer figures prominently in "Running Mates," the first new episode of that airs at 8 p.

The term 'pure professional' defined him. Spencer underscored that notion during a mid interview. It's voyeuristic. The completed episode was too short, however, so Misiano shot a new opening teaser to accommodate the hourlong time slot. The Bartlet team is decidedly liberal, an outlook that Spencer -- an acknowledged "fan of Bill Clinton" -- said he shared with many of his colleagues. Vinick, for example, is presented as a compelling opponent rather than a villain.

We have to play by the rules, follow the Constitution.

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And, with 20 million viewers, you know that some in our audience are Republicans. He was hired as the male lead in "Trinity," a family drama canceled after one month. That's how Spencer first met Misiano. Asked about this possibility six months ago, NBC entertainment President Kevin Reilly warned that, "long-in-the-tooth shows can end up running on fumes.

You've got to know when to stop. Nothing lasts forever. The storytelling is wonderful. People like the fact that we allow them to peek behind the White House curtain. I emailed his publicist after reading memorial services were going to be held on both coasts I will let you know as details become available.

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  • Being from New Jersey and all I wouldn't dare miss a memorial for John Spencer if it was in my home state. It was a little daunting because he was one of those seasoned actors with a long background in New York theater. But we became good friends, and acting opposite him became one of my greatest pleasures.

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    Our relationship as C. We'd always travel together from L. We both had a fear of flying, and John was my airplane buddy. He'd hold my hand during the flight and because of that I just knew everything was going to be okay. John was a gentleman. An old-school gentleman. Spencer died of a heart attack in Los Angeles.

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    John Spencer was one of them. Personal Connection With Spencer, I think, there is a reason for this sense of a personal connection. To contact the writer of this column: Gene Sperling in Washington at gsperling cfr. The show's producers, writers and other stars are expected to attend the funeral of John Spencer, who died Friday at But Ron Hofmann, Spencer's personal publicist, said Monday that while funeral arrangements are pending, services will be held this week in Spencer's home state of New Jersey -- possibly as early as today -- and a memorial service is likely to be held in Los Angeles early next year.

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    From the Detroit News : " I always had a special affection for the Leo McGarry character on "The West Wing," thinking the part was so well cast and acted by John Spencer, they just might be one and the same. Likeminded men In one sad parallel, Leo suffered a heart attack in a past episode. Some of them reported that Stockard Channing was with John Spencer when he died. Read a transcript from Entertainment Tonight here.

    Extra reported that the whole cast will have a say in the resolution of the continuing storyline. During last night's "West Wing" broadcasting on Bravo, there was a small photo tribute to John Spencer during commercial break. News, which airs of course on E! It was short, but nice Spencer, who died at age 58 after a heart attack, played the tough but beloved Leo McGarry on the NBC series, and he was a lot like his character, particularly the beloved part. Even before his death, cast members and producers regularly talked about Spencer as one of the nicest, most generous actors they knew.

    And as the show's creators, Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme, said in a press statement, he was, simply, "an uncommonly good man.

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    Last season, in an early episode, McGarry suffered a heart attack, which is why speculation around Hollywood, as tragic as it sounds, is that producers may decide to explain Spencer's sudden absence by giving Leo another, this time fatal, attack. Warner Bros. Television, which produces "The West Wing," would not comment on plans, but a spokeswoman said the show is on a break and executive producers John Wells and Lawrence O'Donnell were not scheduled to start production meetings until the first week of January.

    They have five unaired episodes already shot, Warner Bros. But the show spends most of its time with Santos and his people, and it's hard to believe they would opt for Alda to star in future seasons when they have the younger-appealing Smits. However, if Wells and his crew are convinced NBC won't renew the series, that might change their decision on the election. The story stands now with Santos a bit behind Vinick and the election a few weeks off.

    Producers could write in McGarry's death as something that brings sympathy to Santos, and puts him over the top.

    Or they could construct it as a hardship for the Democrats, one that brings Santos' judgment into question because he picked a vice president who already had concerns about his health. But the truth is, no one right now wants to be thinking about plot turns. Spencer was as respected, and as liked, as any actor in Hollywood, and people on the show have said there is no way to describe how much he will be missed.

    Over the years, I've seen Spencer in press conferences and on "The West Wing" set, and he was never anything but humble, open and kind. He seemed to always have a slight grin during press sessions, as if he got a kick out of the questions and the media interest in a show that he was on. I watched him on the set a couple years back, on a day he had a long, somewhat complicated scene.

    It was also a day when, for some reason, there was a steady parade of visitors, including a couple of people who, I think, won the visit in a radio contest. He made them feel like his friends.