United States Welfare Policy: A Catholic Response (Moral Traditions series)

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Background on contraception Natural Family Planning Information Site : introduction to, and effectiveness of methods of natural family planning. See also the Chicago Couple to Couple League for educational information about natural family planning and the Ovulation Calendar Pro , natural family planning software for helping couples chart ovulation. Lady Timer claims to be "your personal menstrual cycle alarm clock" and will send you a notice on your cellphone to track your most fertile days. FertilityFriend : a free interactive online chart to identify fertile days The Glow app : allows women to track ovulation data and menstrual cycle.

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Glow also offers something like an insurance program for women who end up needing fertility treatments First Response ovulation kit iPhone apps for charting fertility Fertility Scope : a fertility test using saliva Couples' experience with NFP How do birth control pills work? Ultimate Birth Control Links Page "Contraceptive Confusion" : profiles contemporary contraceptive choices, including benefits and risks of different methods. Emergency contraception : a site of the Office of Population Research at Princeton University designed to provide information derived from the medical literature about methods of preventing pregnancy after unprotected sex.

See also frequently asked questions about emergency contraception and emergency contraception at Catholic hospitals. Emergency pregnancy counseling centers. Once at this site, see Paragraph 16 for the teaching on conscience. Collection of Vatican II statements about conscience The Catechism of the Catholic Church on moral conscience "Following Conscience Faithfully" : wonderful essay from January, , that gives an overview of Catholic thought about conscience.

It contains several helpful quotations from Catholic tradition, including many from St.

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Thomas Aquinas. Good explanation of the Catholic view of conscience by Fr. James Martin, S. Excellent piece on how doctrine may change and has changed depending on how it is received and lived in the community's relationship with Jesus Christ What Kind of Catholic are You? Thomas Aquinas Bishop Thomas Gumbleton on the primacy of conscience : He discusses this in relation to homosexuality, but the points he makes are valid for all moral issues. Jeannine Gramick which brings the aggiornamentio worldview of Vatican II into conversation with modern efforts to silence theologians and religious 'Can Catholics Disagree with the Pope?

Since then, he has set up his own 'virtual' diocese over the internet, a place with little sand and many people. As bishop of Evreux, Gaillot openly supported women priests, a married clergy, the acceptance of homosexuals, and greater voice for the laity in church decisions. This site contains Bishop Gaillot's farewell homily to his congregation in France, as well as more recent writings on a variety of subjects. You can even e-mail Bishop Gaillot. The excommunication of Fr.

Tissa Balasuriya : the text of the Vatican decree of excommunication of Fr. Tissa Balasuriya, 72, of Sri Lanka because of his views on papal infallibility, the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, the dogma of original sin, and baptism.

From Charitable Volunteers to Architects of Social Welfare: A Brief History of Social Work

In January , this excommunication was rescinded following six days of negotiations. McCormick was to deliver a lecture in New Orleans in January, , having been invited by Notre Dame alumni in that region. The lecture was then precipitously cancelled. This site contains an exchange of letters on this sequence of events. The controversy surrounding Sr. Elizabeth Johnson's book, Quest for the Living God: Mapping Frontiers in the Theology of God : This essay critiques how the bishops handled the dispute and includes several other links pertinent to this particular case.

See also Sr. Elizabeth's response to the bishops and the full text of her letter to the Bishops' Doctrine Committee. Catholic bishops from that looks at a number of reproductive technology procedures, such as in vitro fertilization, embryo adoption, sperm and egg donation and surrogacy. Catholic Bishops that lists approved technologies, disapproved technologies, and technologies that are still under discussion and so neither approved nor disapproved. Pope Benedict condemns in vitro fertilization : a video Infertility and in vitro fertilization : a nice, concise explanation of Catholic teaching by Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend Helping Childless Couples Conceive : an explanation of the Church's teaching about assisted reproduction, with a good statement of those issues that remain unresolved "Do Married Couples Have a 'Right' to a Child?

William E. Human Destiny : a very helpful series of articles from the October 22, National Catholic Reporter "Unnatural Selection: How biotechnology is redesigning humanity" : good article from the January edition of U.

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Catholic discussing stem-cell research, cloning, and germline therapy in light of Catholic moral principles The Catholic Church and Surrogate Motherhood : a brief overview of Catholic teaching as it pertains to surrogacy. This article is offered as a service of the American Surrogacy Center of Atlanta, GA, to assist Catholic couples seeking surrogacy arrangements. Procedures and background on reproductive technologies FertileThoughts: Infertility Resources : an extensive site featuring resources developed by infertility patients, websites of reproductive endocrinologists and infertility clinics, descriptions of various assisted reproduction procedures, adoption information, insurance information, and legal resources Your Fertility Friend : resource page for those navigating the IVF process Assisted reproduction linked to heart defect risk : What remains unresolved is whether this is linked to the procedures themselves or to the underlying cause of infertility in the parents.

Tubal ligation reversal : an outpatient procedure to reverse tubal ligation that would allow women to become pregnant naturally rather than undergo procedures like in vitro fertilization In vitro fertilization and insurance--who pays? The world's first was in in London. See this update from In , nine women from Sweden received transplanted wombs from relatives. First womb transplant patient gives birth : In September of , a 36 year-old woman from Sweden gave birth to a boy following a transplant of a uterus donated by a woman in her 60s.

See also other work in Sweden involving transplanted uteruses. The first successful uterus transplant in the United States from a live donor : October, , at Baylor University the story of Kelly Romenskos , a Wisconsin Catholic woman who was fired from her teaching job at a Catholic school after she announced that her child was conceived through in vitro fertilization. Much the same thing happened to an Indiana Catholic high school teacher in , who was also fired from her job after it was learned she was pregnant through IVF.

Resolve: The National Infertility Association. See also this story about the toll infertility takes on relationships.

Catholic Church and health care

Information on male infertility : risk factors and causes. See also this for information on vasectomy reversals.

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  • Catholic NaPro Technology uses natural family planning techniques to help diagnose and treat infertility. This site contains a glossary of procedures , a transcript of the program , interviews with fertility specialists and bioethicists , links and additional readings , and an online quiz to test your knowledge of reproductive technologies.

    InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination INCIID : a nonprofit organization committed to providing the most current information regarding the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infertility. Their home page features fact sheets, directories and the latest news about treatments for infertility. Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby, recently turned See this 3D animation for how in vitro works. The Augment procedure : This new procedure extracts mitochondria from egg stem cells to make a woman's older eggs act young again, thereby 'augmenting' traditional IVF.

    See also the nice essay by John F. Frozen Eggs : On October 16, , for the first time in the United States, babies were born from eggs that were frozen--and then thawed--before they were fertilized. While it had been routine to freeze entire embryos, eggs had been considered too fragile to survive the freezing and thawing process.

    See also the story of a baby born from year old frozen sperm. Bringing eggs to maturity of young cancer patients prior to freezing them Ovary freezing to help women being treated for cancer. On the horizon is harvesting ovaries from young female cancer patients or sperm-producing stem cells from young males prior to treatment. Survery now helps some men regain fertility after cancer treatment. Extend Fertility : a company formed, as the name implies, to extend women's fertility through egg freezing Eggs on the Rocks : an essay about egg freezing of a 35 year-old woman "Why I Froze My Eggs : a first-person account The Florida Center for Reproductive Medicine is making advances in the freezing of eggs Informative blog by a woman going through the egg-freezing process EggBanxx : A national network of physicians who want to make egg freezing affordable, their slogan is "Real women freeze.

    They were both topped by a 72 year-old Indian woman who gave birth to twins in July, This woman already has five grandchildren.

    And in May of , a 65 year-old German woman gave birth to quadruplets. A woman gives birth after an ovarian tissue transplant : This is the first time that ever happened. A woman has a baby after receiving a donated ovary from her identical twin. Ovary transplant between non-identical twins Triplets born to a women with two wombs Girl could give birth to her half sibling using eggs donated by her mother.

    Children with 3 biological parents : Part of a donor egg is used with the DNA of biological mother and father using mitochondrial replacement to try to eliminate the possibility of genetic diseases. The family of a dead soldier can have his sperm to allow him to have children with a woman he never met.

    In another similar case, a woman has a baby with her dead Iraqi war soldier husband. Doctors deny lesbian couple artificial insemination. See also the California Supreme Court rules that docs can't deny fertility care to lesbian couples because of their religious beliefs. Fertility drugs helped to produce this pregnancy. This site contains a link to a photo album with pictures of each baby, along with the story of their birth. Identical quadruplets born on May 25, to a Houston woman with no fertility drugs Should the number of implanted embryos be regulated?

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    The Fetal Reduction Procedure : This procedure, also called selective reduction, is sometimes performed when a woman is carrying too many fetuses for her to bear safely. See this exchange on what's sometimes called "reduction to a singleton. Without the Risk of Multiple Births". The rise in multiple births occasioned by reproductive technologies : a article from The Salt Lake Tribune "The Ethics of Octuplets" : Should there be restrictions on the numbers of fertilized eggs doctors can implant into women?

    This essay follows upon the birth of octuplets by Nadya Suleman of California. The 'twin epidemic' in fertility treatments : background essay along with a description of researchers' attempts to cut the rate of multiple births Sex Selection "A Quandry That Isn't: Picking a Baby's Sex Won't Lead to Disaster" : The author, a genetics professor at Princeton, argues that fears relating to sex selection are overblown.

    Social Movements and Progressivism - Center for American Progress

    He also addresses the issue that sex selection violates nature. The Cloning Home Page : the original New York Times report on the cloning of Dolly, an introduction to the ethical issues surrounding cloning, divergent opinions including one by Daniel Callahan on cloning experiments, links to other web sites on cloning including the complete text of the research paper originally published in Nature magazine describing this ground-breaking event.

    South Korean researchers report major breakthrough in cloning a human embryo to harvest its stem cells : from February, South Korean University claims Dr. Hwang's research, which was initially billed as a major breakthrough in cloning a human embryo to harvest its stem cells was faked.